Changes To This Blog

Okay. This is going to be a short one. So, due to the fact that blogs are expensive and I’m working on other businesses at the same time all Literary Onion posts are moving to literaryscribbles.com. If you want to continue following me and see what book/film/TV themed dishes I create in the future please […]

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The Nightmare Before Pasta…

It’s long since passed Halloween—sort of midway between then and Christmas—but, what can I say? I haven’t had any internet for over a month and a half—a very slow and stressful month and a half. As I’m writing this blog post (pre-publishing) I still haven’t got any internet. Maybe it will come soon, but I […]

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‘Hard Times’: The Pudding

I first read ‘Hard Times’, by Mr. Charles Dickens himself, when I was in my second year of University. It remains one of the only books I can remember and fast became one of my favourite books of all time. But why? Okay, so the first thing I should say is that ‘Hard Times’, from […]

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